The Significance of Lean Manufacturing

lean production

Manufacturing has been a significant contributor to several economies. This is because some of the products produced can be exported to different countries. Times are changing, and most companies are moving in to try out some of the latest manufacturing procedures. Lean manufacturing is one most companies are using at the moment. It is a manufacturing procedure that is all about increasing productivity and minimizing waste. Waste during production has made many companies incur a lot of expenses. These procedures help to reduce all that. You should know the different types of waste in lean manufacturing.

Waste Categories in Lean Manufacturing

Waste is anything that fails to add value in a product or thelean manufacturing manufacturing process. The waste categories in lean production include:


This is the waiting period between the production processes. Putting the right measures in place reduces this type of waste and guarantees productivity.


It is the number of times a particular product is worked on. Working on a specific product for long or inefficiently is classified as a waste.


Imperfections that arise during the production process require a lot in correction costs and wastes a lot of effort.


Producing more than enough burdens customers with unplanned storage costs. Excess production is classified as a waste because not all clients can afford extra storage costs.


Materials should be moved efficiently to reduce damages. Transportation costs should also be low. Anything to the contrary is considered a waste.

Benefits of Lean Manufacturing

Here are the benefits linked to this manufacturing procedure.

More Profits

Wasting too many raw materials used in the production process leaves most companies counting losses. In lean production, everything is put into proper use. Utilizing all the available materials leads to increased production, which means more profits to the company.

Improved Quality

Items produced using lean manufacturing procedure are of the desired quality. This is because of the increased levels of efficiency witnessed during this type of manufacturing. Different quality control measures are also carried out during the lean manufacturing process. Items produced will be of the desired quality to meet client satisfaction.

Reduced Production Timelean production

Clients no longer have to worry about increased production periods. The period taken between the initial phase to the completion stage is very minimal during lean manufacturing. Few delays are also experienced throughout the process. You should try out the procedure to enjoy the benefits.