Potential Benefits of Using Stenabolic (SR9009) on Bodybuilding


What is stenabolic or sr9009? This is a type of synthetic drug that was created (by Professor Thomas Burris) with the aim of managing some medical conditions, particularly those that have something to do with metabolism and circadian rhythm. When taken, it mimics the effects of exercise on the body. This is why it is considered as “exercise in a bottle”.

Recently, this research drug has been making a noise in the world of bodybuilders. Out of all the available bodybuilding supplements, they are claiming that this has the most number of positive effects and is very useful in achieving their fitness goals.

The following are the potential benefits of taking SR9009:

Supports Weight Loss

Since stenabolic has been designed to copy the effects of exercising, it can then support weight loss. And the good thing about it is that you really don’t need to worry too much about your diet. You can basically eat almost anything, and you would still see the amazing impact of SR9009.

Simply put, this drug can act as a fat burner. Following a strict diet is not really necessary. But if you continue to monitor what you eat, you should be able to achieve greater results. For bodybuilders, this is beneficial when it comes to gaining lean muscles.

Promotes Better Quality Sleep

Athletes need to have better quality sleep so they can recover from their rigorous training. As long as the body is getting the rest that it needs, it should remain full of energy, while meeting the demands of strength training.


Improves Endurance

Lifting weights require an athlete to have high endurance levels, and it is thought that using stenabolic can help as well in this aspect. With improved endurance, a bodybuilder will be able to work out better, which, in turn, will lead to bigger muscles. This is one reason why this drug is very popular among bodybuilding enthusiasts nowadays.

Reduces Inflammation

Another benefit of SR9009 is that it has the ability to reduce TNP alpha, which is the protein that can result in excess inflammation. If you have too much of this in your blood, you will experience severe pain. But if you take stenabolic, the level will be reduced and so is the inflammation.

Athletes usually deal with body pain and soreness, especially after working out, and with the help of SR9009, this will be avoided. It will then be easier for you to relax your body and get the rest that you need for recovery.…