Top Tips on Dog Grooming

dog grooming

Dogs do have a way of cleaning themselves like rolling on the ground, licking his or her coat or chewing their far. But this alone is not enough to get your dog clean. As a result, your dog needs your help to look smart and smell fresh. Since there are times you will not be able to offer this help, it is prudent to seek professional pet grooming services. They are just a phone call away from you. Book an appointment and get your pet professionally groomed.
Below are some tips on how to groom your dog:


combing a dogA dog needs occasional brushing. It helps to remove dirt, dead hair, and unpleasant smells from the skin. Also, it facilitates the distribution of the dog’s natural oil. This makes the coat look shiny and smooth. Brushing also helps to eliminate matting, and tangling making your next grooming session go smoothly.
Additionally, brushing offers you a great time to check for fleas. A good indication that your dog is playing host to the notorious insects is the presence of blacks specks. You need to know how regular you brush your dog depends on the type of his or her coat.

Trimming The Nails

long nails Just like humans, dogs too grow their nails, although some grow theirs quicker than others. Some dogs require trimming every two weeks. Others will take up to six weeks. The best time to cut the nails is when they start snagging on the floor.You can trim them using the scissors or guillotine type clippers. These two work equally well, but you must choose a design with which you are comfortable.
However, some dogs can be aggressive or fearful when faced with nail clippers. Some signs of distress include panting, trembling, cowering, freezing, whining, among others. Therefore, if your dog shows these signs, you must seek professional help to get the job done.

Cleaning The Ears

Cleaning your dog’s ears helps to prevent infections. You can clean your dog at least once a month. But for dogs with heavier or long ears, regular cleaning is essential. There are plenty of ear cleaning solutions online, but you can alternatively use vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. These ingredients are natural and cheap to get.
The best way to clean the ears is by first cleaning the outer side and gradually work on the inner side. You can do this using a wet cotton ball and a cleansing solution. It is advisable not to use cotton swabs inside the ear. Also, if your dog swims regularly, it is prudent to clean and dry the ears every time after swimming.…